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Articles & Interviews: Judy Ravin Interviewed by CX Update at Customer Contact Week 2023 Nashville



Hi. I’m Judy Ravin, and I’m the President and Co-Founder of an organization called Accents International. We’re a company whose mission is to create a world where everyone is heard®. And we do that in two ways. One, we teach people who speak English as a second language, or we like the term “English as an additional language”, we teach them English pronunciation: How to pronounce the sounds in English that don’t occur in other languages. We also teach people how to understand heavily accented speech, accents that are different than their own. Because we all have an accent, right? The goal is not that we sound the same. The goal is that we are very easily understood so that we can speak with impact.

So how this relates to the contact center world, or customer service representatives, is that we primarily teach agents who speak English as another language how to pronounce the sounds in English that make their speech powerful. That makes their speech clear and gives them impact. This is an agent empowerment tool, or agent empowerment training. It’s workforce development. And one thing we really love about this program, is that we see how when agents speak with greater clarity and impact, their confidence soars. And, really, confidence equals competence in our world. When they’re more confident, they feel more competent, and they speak with greater impact.

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