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Accent Reduction Classes for Healthcare

Create An Outstanding Patient Experience

Your healthcare providers are top notch, yet communication may be a challenge. It isn’t the provider, it’s the language.

English pronunciation is hard. It makes it difficult for providers to connect with clarity and confidence. Overcome this challenge with accent reduction training for healthcare workers. Join leading health systems who are transforming the patient experience.


“Now my patients understand me, the first time.”



Accent Reduction classes teach articulation techniques for the sounds in English that do not occur in other languages.

The Plan:

  • Private or small group accent reduction classes
  • Pre- and Post-Program Assessments
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • 10 hours of instruction in our virtual classroom
  • Practice guides with healthcare specific terminology
  • Final Reports demonstrate rate of improvement
  • Site license to our online proprietary learning library
  • Dedicated Program Manager handles all logistics

Average rate of improvement is >70%


“I am a cancer research scientist from India. When I started working at the Mayo Clinic, people had difficulty understanding me and I didn’t speak with confidence. Now I communicate easily with my colleagues and I’ll be presenting research and recent breakthroughs at a national level.”



Beryl Institute: Powerful Pronunciation® Increases HCAHPS Scores

Working with Accents International, “Geisinger Holy Spirit met its three stated goals: to increase provider engagement within the Geisinger Holy Spirit inpatient setting, to increase the Top Box mean score within the Doctor Communication domain, and to decrease the amount of patient comments related to physician-patient communication barriers.” 

Gretchen Ramsey, Director of Patient Experience


“In my practice sometimes a patient could not understand what I was saying. I felt it was important for me to speak very clearly to my patients because it was my duty to provide the best care possible.”

Dr. Irina King, MD, PhD


Conference Presentations

2023 CCW, Customer Contact Week (Nashville, TN)
2022 WBENC, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (National Webinar)
2019 Gold Humanism Summit on Patient-Centric Healthcare (Orlando, FL)
2018 Beryl Institute National Conference for Patient Experience (Dallas, TX)
2017 ASCEND Pan-Asian Leaders National Conference (Houston, TX)
2016 U.S. Department of Treasury Diversity & Inclusion Seminar Series (Washington, DC)
2014 NATO Global eLearning Conference (U.S. Command Center, Suffolk, VA)
2014 Association for Training and Development (ATD) International Conference & EXPO
(Washington, DC)
2014 PepsiCo Global Diversity Summit (NYC) 

Course Description

Course ID: POWERFUL PRONUNCIATION® for Healthcare Professionals- PPHP #3684
Course Name: Accent Reduction for Healthcare Providers
Topic: English pronunciation for seamless communication. Content customized for healthcare professionals.
Format: Online; group and/or private instruction
Hours: 10 Hours of Live Instruction; sessions meet 1-hr./week
Initial and Final Assessments: Measure provider's improvement; based on the number of pre versus post-program errors
Instructors: Accents International Senior Faculty
Dates: TBD per provider's availability. Week-to-week scheduling available.
Certificate of Completion: Yes
Language Level: Intermediate and Advanced English Language Speakers
Requirements: Customized Practice Guides after each session; includes healthcare specific terminology. Weekly review of participant's practice recordings.
Post Course Support: Site-license to Accents International’s online proprietary learning library, “American Pronunciation: Core Techniques for Success.”


We’ve been working with International Medical Graduates for twenty five years and have a comprehensive curriculum specific to healthcare. Program participants learn accent reduction techniques within the context of patient-centric vocabulary.

Yes. We understand the unique demands placed on healthcare providers and accommodate their changing schedules. Evening training sessions are available.

Our program includes 10 accent reduction classes delivered one hour per week over a 10-week period. These classes are conducted online using the video-conferencing platform of your choice. Additionally, participants are expected to practice fifteen minutes/day. Practice makes permanent!

Our accent reduction programs include an Initial Assessment and Final Assessment. Both assessments are scored for mispronunciations. Assessments provide a post-program improvement rate.

Standard results and benefits include:

  • Higher Press Ganey HCAHPS scores
  • Increased confidence and engagement
  • Greater patient-provider connection
  • The ability to clearly convey medical information

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