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Accent Reduction Classes


Advance Your Career. Be Recognized As The Expert You Are.

English pronunciation is hard. It's not the person. It's the language, and it often prevents people from doing their best work. The same letter can be pronounced in several ways and there are many sounds in English that don’t exist in other languages. Accent reduction classes solve these problems.


“This training changed my life because I can now effectively communicate in all spheres of life, in my personal life, in my professional life. I can basically pursue my dreams and ambitions because I’m confident to reach out to people, and I love that.”
Consultant, Menlo Innovations
“I wish I had taken this program years ago.”
Manager, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
“Now people ask me questions after I present. They understand me clearly and want to know more.”
PhD, Mechanical Engineer


Our accent reduction classes do not eliminate accents. They remove communication barriers while maintaining each person’s unique cultural identity.

Everyone deserves to be heard.


“I didn’t know I had a problem… I couldn’t do an R or an L — not at all. Now I can make these sounds every time.”
Microbiologist, Asterand Bioscience
“I’ve taken other accent reduction courses, but they didn’t give me the kind of deep professional training I needed. You guys are the experts.”
Organizational Effectiveness, Boeing
“I didn’t know I had a problem… I couldn’t do an R or an L — not at all. Now I can make these sounds every time.”
Microbiologist, Asterand Bioscience
“I’ve taken other accent reduction courses, but they didn’t give me the kind of deep professional training I needed. You guys are the experts.”
Organizational Effectiveness, Boeing


For over 25 years, our accent reduction classes have equipped professionals with clear communication. After ten hours of training, expect to present information with greater clarity, impact, and ease. Speak with confidence.

Join the thousands of professionals who have experienced America’s leading evidence-based accent reduction training program.

Be empowered by an accent reduction methodology that works every time.

The Ravin Method® is rooted in cognitive linguistics. Clients learn exactly what to do with their teeth, lips, tongue, and jaw to accurately produce the 21 English vowels and 26 consonants, as well as foundational patterns of rhythm, stress, and intonation. Volume and rate of speech are also addressed. People are quickly able to self-correct for long-term acquisition and mastery.

100% of surveyed clients report:

  • Being more effective communicators
  • A surge of confidence
  • Maintaining their cultural identity
  • Fewer requests to repeat themselves
  • Daily use of their new skills

Experience Accent International! With our accent reduction classes, clients:

  1. Receive the most comprehensive accent reduction program possible. A mispronunciation is a sound that’s literally missing. Participants receive a customized accent reduction curriculum that fills in their gaps.
  2. Are coached by the best accent reduction specialists available. With our proprietary methodology, you’ll learn to pronounce the sounds and speech patterns that don’t occur in your first language. You’ll receive continuous guided feedback and personalized accent reduction training. Our faculty are certified linguists and have taught English pronunciation at the university level.
  3. Are given customized practice material after each session. With 15 minutes of practice a day, accuracy becomes second nature.
  4. Experience a compassionate and inclusive learning environment.
  5. Receive a site-license to our proprietary online accent reduction learning library.
  6. Enjoy a flexible training schedule.
  7. Have access to our dedicated program managers.

Course Description

Course Name: Accent Reduction for Individuals
Topic: Accent Reduction for Clear Speech. Customized per profession, language background, and individual’s needs and objectives.
Format: Online; private instruction
Hours: 10 Hours of Live Instruction; sessions meet 1-hr./week
Initial and Final Assessments: Demonstrate individual’s rate of progress
Instructors: Accents International Senior Faculty
Dates: Flexible schedule; per client availability
Continuing Education Credits: Professionals in Tax, Audit, Advisory and other qualifying professions earn NASBA certified CPE credits.
Certificate of Completion: Yes
Language Level: Intermediate and Advanced English Language Speakers
Requirements: Customized Practice Guides, written and recorded, after each session. Participants submit weekly recordings for instructor feedback.
Post Course Support: Site-license to Accents International’s online proprietary learning library, “American Pronunciation: Core Techniques for Success.”


Yes. With the Ravin Method® of accent reduction training, learners quickly, decisively, and permanently change the muscle memory of their speech apparatus. They master the English sounds they once struggled to pronounce.

Every Accents International Instructor:
Has taught accent reduction at the university level.
Speaks more than one language. They understand, first-hand, the speech and language
acquisition process.
Are certified in the Ravin Method® of rapid language acquisition.
Have the most comprehensive training available for effective teaching of accent reduction
techniques. Our faculty is consistently assessed by the metrics of improvement made by their
program participants.
Are committed to diversity and inclusion. They not only understand global perspectives and
cultural norms, they value them.

We offer a range of accent reduction programs and price points, from our stand-alone learning system for self-study, to live training for groups and individuals, to ‘on retainer’ accent reduction coaching. Schedule a call with us to discuss your needs.

Improvement is noticeable after just two, one-hour sessions. With 15 minutes of practice, five days a week, learners typically make greater than 70% improvement after ten sessions.

Accent reduction is rooted in linguistics and speech pathology, not in language learning.

Ravin Method® Accent Reduction Classes are fully customized to help you pronounce the
sounds in English that are not present in your first language, as well as patterns
of rhythm, stress, and intonation.

We teach Standard American English (SAE) pronunciation.

Accent reduction classes are conducted online using the remote learning platform of your choice.

Yes. You’ll receive customized curricula to fit your personal and/or organizational needs. Are accent reduction classes private or group training?


Yes, qualifying financial services participants receive CPE credits as approved and accredited by NASBA.

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