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Accent Reduction Programs for Clear Communication

Because everyone deserves to be heard.

Since 1998, our accent reduction programs have enabled thousands of professionals to master the American accent and speak with clarity, confidence, and ease.

With our accent reduction programs, you’ll have:
  • Dedicated program managers
  • Expert faculty
  • A methodology that works, every time:
    • 100% of surveyed respondents receive fewer requests to repeat themselves
    • 100% of surveyed respondents use their skills daily
    • 100% of surveyed respondents say they are more effective communicators
    • 100% of surveyed respondents experience a surge in confidence
    • 100% of surveyed respondents say they’ve maintained their cultural identity


"I was listening to the recordings of my Initial Assessment and Final Assessment... it's like two different people speaking."



Accent reduction is also known as accent modification. It focuses on one thing: creating clear communication in a diverse workforce.

Accent Reduction Programs for Corporations

Your talent is second to none. But heavy accents are getting can get in the way of clear communication. It’s not your team. It’s the language. Solve this problem with accent reduction programs for workforce development.

Accent Reduction Programs for Healthcare

Help your International Medical Graduates provide the best care possible. Empower them with accent reduction programs that create clear, confident communication.

Accent Reduction Programs for Individuals

Learn to pronounce the sounds in English that don’t occur in your first language. Be understood with ease. Go from team member to team leader.

Accent Reduction Programs for Call Centers

Your customers want to communicate easily with your customer representatives. Increase customer loyalty with accent reduction programs that empower your workforce with clear speech. Enable your agents to provide the best customer experience possible.

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