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Articles & Interviews: Trajector Partners with Accents International: English Pronunciation Training for Enhanced Communication in the Philippines


Trajector, a leading organization that evaluates Veterans health conditions for disability claims, is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking English pronunciation training program designed by Accents International for its team members in the Philippines. This program aims to enhance communication skills and improve customer experiences by providing comprehensive training in English pronunciation.

This partnership serves as a testament to Trajector’s commitment to its Philippines team by empowering them to deliver exceptional customer service with clarity and confidence.

Judy Ravin, the mastermind behind this pioneering program, explained that the need for improved communication quality drove the partnership between Trajector and Accents International. By embracing the training and taking it to the next level, Trajector sought to increase the quality of calls, improve customer service experiences, and reduce Average Handle Time (AHT).

“This program preserves their cultural identity while equipping them with the essential skills to pronounce English sounds that don’t exist in their first language,” shared Judy. “Everyone has an accent. The goal is not to sound the same. The goal is to be clearly understood so we can all be heard and make an impact.”

The unique train the trainer program utilized a customized approach by incorporating Trajector terminology and specific sounds relevant to the employees’ day-to-day interactions. By the end of the program, the representatives undergo a remarkable transformation, developing lifelong skills that transcend their professional lives and can even be passed on to future generations.

Ashish Marya, Vice President of Customer Experience, expressed his excitement about the positive impact it has on both the customer experience and the employee lifecycle. “Improving communication and pronunciation directly aligns with Trajector’s overarching goal of providing customers with a lifetime experience,” said Ashish. “By investing in our employees’ growth, we enhance our ability to deliver exceptional service and ensure our customers feel understood and valued.”

Michele Cranefield, Site Director, praised the trainers’ expertise and the personalized approach that incorporates Trajector’s specific call recordings and terminology. The program’s interactive nature encourages team members to actively participate, further enhancing their learning experience.

“We are thrilled with the results we have seen so far,” said Michele. “The feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have witnessed significant improvements in call quality and customer interactions. This program goes beyond pronunciation training; it’s about providing Trajector employees with a lifelong skill and the ability to make a lasting impact.”

Moving forward, Trajector plans to extend the Accents International program to all employees, beyond those solely handling customer calls. The company remains dedicated to continued training and development, ensuring its workforce receives the necessary tools to succeed in a global business landscape.

For more information about Trajector and its Accents International program, please contact:

Tom Pongpat
President, Global Operations, Trajector


Trajector is a leading organization dedicated to helping the underserved and at-risk disabled population in their quest to secure the disability benefits they medically, legally, and ethically qualify for. By developing comprehensive medical evidence and providing essential support, Trajector brings clarity and confidence to individuals navigating the complex disability benefits journey. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, compassion, and excellence, Trajector has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, making their journey one of uplift and transformation.

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