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Inclusive Listening. 

What Is It, Really, And Why Does It Matter?

by Judy Ravin | | Accent Comprehension, Diversity

We tend to think about listening as a passive experience, and it certainly can be. It’s a choice.
When we choose to listen in ways that actively invite participation, others share more. This translates into greater chances of moving our conversations forward and meeting shared objectives.

In a global workforce, the voices of our colleagues and clients have a myriad of accents, some that sound like our own and some that don’t. Inclusive listening demands we understand and include all the voices of our multinational workforce. One way to quickly accomplish this is by learning how to systematically and rapidly tune your ear to accents. This is called accent comprehension, and it allows people who speak English as an additional language to contribute their expertise without being asked the horribly off-putting questions, “What? What did you say? Can you repeat that?”

Inclusive Listening isn’t only the right thing to do, but it’s also a business imperative. Learn why, and what else you can do to leverage the diverse ideas and contributions of your company’s global teams here:

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